Have an hour to spare? Check out The Kate Bush Story (2014 BBC Documentary)

Recently, I am sure you noticed your social media streams blew up with one name: Kate Bush. Did you click to find out what it was all about? Well, if you did not, then now is the time to discover the wonderful force that is Kate Bush. After 35 years, she is finally performing live again in London (she has released albums, but has not toured) and from the media, it seems like her presence is just as strong as ever. Over the weekend, I finally watched the documentary, The Kate Bush Story, the BBC released this year and I have two words to describe it: "Utterly Fascinating." I have also had "Running Up That Hill" stuck in my head since - even have my husband humming along.  I'm not really going to discuss the details about the documentary, because everyone needs to experience it for themselves. HOWEVER - I will share with you one of my favorite discoveries: Noel Fielding lip-syncing and performing to Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights":