Two Period Pieces, One Memorable Estate

Let us play a game, my fellow Period Piece Addicts (PPAs). First thought that pops up in your mind when you see this image? Now Go!


Now, if you are anything like me, you scream out PEMBERLEY! Which is exactly what I did when I was watching the The Awakening (2011) over the weekend with my husband. Yes, this is actually a screenshot from the film The Awakening starring Rebecca Hall and McNulty... I mean Dominic West, and not from our beloved Pride & Prejudice from 1995 starring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth (aka the most perfect representation of P&P ever). Both productions are from the BBC, but as you can imagine, completely different in tone and story. But still, it did not defuse my thought: Pemberley is Haunted! No… not really, but I kept hoping the ghost would really be a handsome Colin Firth type. I mean, who would really complain if a Firth-y ghost was haunting them? Not me.

The image from above was even used in the trailer, which I will post here (because I did enjoy this film because of its ties to the World War I and the cast).

The shot that you probably remember (from P&P 1995) and evokes this comparison is this one:

Very similar, but as you can see a much brighter and happy composition than The Awakening screenshot. 

I feel like at this time I need to add the actual tidbit that Sundbury Hall was used for the interiors of Pemberley and Lyme Park for the exteriors (both are looked after by the National Trust - in case you ever want to visit and pretend you are Lizzie Bennet, it is possible).

Hopefully this intrigues you enough to check out The Awakening (which is currently on Netflix) or at least inspires you to spend a day curled up with one of our favorite adaptions. Until then, I leave you now, my fellow Austenites, with one of our favorite Pemberley clips, you know the one: