Casual Cosplay, Fall Edition: - #16 - Mal Reynolds (Firefly)

Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds is the beloved former volunteer for the Independents' army-turned-captain of the Firefly. Yes, if you must know I do love a Space Cowboy as previous illustrated with Cowboy Bebop. Mal, of course is played Nathan Fillion (one of the many king of geeks), and appeared in both the short-lived television show (Firefly - created by Joss Whedon- you know the guy responsible for Buffy and directed the Avengers movie) and the 2005 film Serenity. Mal is a hero and the protagonist, but he has flaws, which make him an anti-hero of sort. He is a criminal, a thief, a rebel (stands against the Alliance), a smuggler, but with a kind heart and strong leadership skills. As previously mentioned he was a member of the Independents army (aka a Browncoat), which means he fought again the Alliance - the inevitable winner of the war (think of them as Rebels vs Empire). 

He has a will they won't they thing with Inara, a brother/ sister relationship with the ship's mechanic Kaylee, his best friend in Zoe (who he fought with during his Browncoat years), which leads to a cordial but sometimes complicated relationship with Zoe's husband, and Firefly pilot Wash, and a relationship built on respect yet distrust when it comes to Jayne (the mercenary on board). Then you throw in Shepherd Book who becomes an advisor, Simon, a doctor, who doesn't always reveal the truth when it comes to his sister River, which always leads to drama and you understand the type of family that exists aboard the Firefly. A lot of depth for a show that only lasted fourteen episodes - but that is a whole other story. Today, we discuss cosplay. 

Mal's look was created with a futuristic take on cowboy and the frontier: leather, guns, suspenders. His coat, a relic of his Browncoat days, has a look of the old West about it. For my casual cosplay look, I went with basics plus a few leather pieces. Sometimes simple is best. I paired a burgundy tee with tan cords and brown leather jacket and boots. You could add suspenders or a larger leather belt, but for every day I think this look is effective and perfect for fall. Plus if the temperatures dip even colder, gloves will easily add even more of a Mal element. Hope this inspires you to experiment with basics to create your favorite Firefly look.