Casual Cosplay, Fall Edition: #17 - Dr. Mrs. the Monarch (formerly Dr. Girlfriend of The Venture Bros.)

On The Venture Brothers, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch, you may remember her as Dr. Girlfriend (voiced by Doc Hammer) is the wife / 2nd to The Monarch (yes - a villain whose theme is based on a butterfly), a self-proclaimed nemesis to Dr. Venture. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (whose real name is Shelia) is truly the brains behind the Monarch's operations. At time she has felt unappreciated to the point she left to work / date Phantom Limb (her former lover and professor during her introduction to villainy phase). However, since she has renewed her relationship with The Monarch and married him. Together they oversee a hive of henchman (though only two actually matter: Henchman #21 and Hench #24) and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch's own personal moppet sidekicks Tim-Tom and Kevin (they wear ridiculous larva costumes and speak in a cockney accent). 

Previously, when she was Dr. Girlfriend, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch's costume resembled that of 
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: short pink jacket and pillbox hat (though her New England accent is much deeper than Jackie-Os - many ongoing jokes surround the deepness of her voice). The creators even played on this during "Home Is Where the Hate Is," where it is revealed that she is completely unaware of Jackie Onassis (please see GIF). 

When Dr. Girlfriend married The Monarch she took on the new name Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and makes a new costume prototype- one that coincides with The Monarch / Hive them. Her costume, of course, is a leotard shape with a plunging neckline - but showcases the monarch symbol, long sheer wings, thigh high boots and gloves in yellow, not to mention a choker-like necklace and a crown. Interestingly - instead of going on bug eyed with his heart bouncing out of his chest, The Monarch begins to critique the prototype - such as how she will trip over the wings. 

It's easy to walk around the convention floor as Dr. Mrs. the Monarch, but not when it comes to everyday October... in the Midwest. So - Fall Casual Cosplay to the rescue. I paired a knit "pinup" black dress (though any black dress will do) with black heels, mustard yellow stockings and a matching yellow headband (previously used in my Faye Valentine Casual Cosplay). Then using similar techniques as seen in my Loki Charm tutorial - I made a Monarch broach out of felt (glued it to a brooch pin back instead of a necklace loop). I think I am ready to arch Dr. Venture - even though we all know she prefers The Monarch to find another nemesis.