Now the FUN part - Casual Cosplay, Fall Edition: Survey

Did you enjoy the first Casual Cosplay series? With 23 Looks (22 plus a second option for Katniss Everdeen), I hope there was one or two that you absolutely loved. Thank you to those who reached out and gave positive feedback and encouragement along the way. Now, I open the question up to all of you: Did you have a favorite? Was there a fandom you were hoping to see? If so, I'd love your feedback. Do not fret - it is only two questions - yes, the two I just listed (I loathe surveys that end up taking up 15 minutes of time even though they promise it will be short and sweet). You can find the survey here. The survey will be up until November 7th. I'll share the results the following week. 

**Update - thanks to those who submitted responses to my survery. Sadly,  there was no clear winner. Everyone seemed to like something different from the series (which actually is even better than a clear winner). Plus - tons of great ideas to incorporate if I do another series in the future. So, again - Cheers!