Buster, Illustrated.

Over the summer, on a whim, I entered Petfinder's Dog vs. Cat Giveaway (sponsored by Hachette Book Group). No, they did not give me a cat or dog (which is why I was on PetFinder - on the search for a second dog). Dog vs. Cat is the title of Chris Gall's new book. Dog vs. Cat is a children's book about Dog and Cat, The Buttons' new pets:

One day Mr. Button rescues a dog from the shelter. On the same day Mrs. Button also decides to get a cat. The dog and cat, who have to share a room, do not get along very well. They try to be on their best behavior, but then their annoyances win out for a bit. Luckily, they do find one common ground to join forces against.  

In July, I was notified that I won the grand prize: a framed portrait of Chris Gall’s illustration of my pet and a signed copy of the book. In October, I received the prize, and today, I share it with you. One thing you must know, I completely geek out over my dog, Buster aka Lord Busterton (who happens to be a Chinese Crested Powderpuff, believe it or not). We rescued him in 2012 from Marley's Pittstop in Los Angeles, but of course, we first spotted him on Petfinder. He is currently seven years old, loves walks, takes forever to destroy a toy, loves his humans more than anything, and surprisingly for a California pup loves to play in Wisconsin snow (even though it means wearing sweaters). He has the best ears, which Chris Gall captured perfectly, not to mention his marking and crazy fluffy hair (yes, its more like hair than fur). We love our portrait of Buster, so much that the archivist in me made sure it hangs in a corner where we can always see it but it does not get direct sunlight. 

The image on the left was used for the illustration on the right