Coffee and Books

One of my favorite pastimes is to enjoy a book at a coffee shop with a good cup of coffee (preferably with steamed milk, as that is one of my comfort foods). It may seem pretentious that I often take photos of these moments, but to me, though simple every day acts, they are very important. This year I have had the oppotunity, or should I say time, to read more than one hundred books (combination of novels and graphic novels), some of which have beautiful, striking covers or wonderful illustrations that I like to share. Sharing an image from a book has also opened up more conversations than a simple text update. If you are like me, you want to talk to others who share your passion about authors, subjects, and the book you have just finished.

I have also spent the year checking out various spots in my new city, Madison. It is no surprise that these two activities have intersected. And so, I celebrate this year with photos. Goodreads can keep track of what books I have read and when, but not where I read the books, who I was with when I read part of the book, or if I enjoyed a foaming cup of coffee when reading the book. I can tell from the photo if I was at Bradburys, the Victory, Johnson Public House, Madison Sourdough, Cargo Coffee, or Colectivo. Did, I mention Madison has a wonderful selection of coffee shops? Plus the majority of the books I have read came form the Madison Public Library. A simple photo, but one that celebrates my time in Madison, and of course, sharing over half of those moments with my husband, Jeremiah.

Here is a random selection to illustrate my point. Remember not all photos have be of grand, momenteous ocassions. Celebrating every day moments can be just as special.