Tom Waits - My Soundtrack to Winter

Photo of Tom Waits, I found over at  GQ .

Photo of Tom Waits, I found over at GQ.

It has officially snowed in Madison. I am not taking about a dusting that melts. No, I am talking about the snow that will most likely never go away, but collect every week until spring. The landscape is white and the temperatures have plummeted and in a matter of weeks the lake near my apartment will freeze over. But guess what? After years of living the same temperature and weather day-in and day-out in Los Angeles, I embrace the snow and the comradery that happens between all of us who will endure the winter together. There will be Wisconsin brandy Old Fashioneds, conversations by warm candlelight, and who knows this year--I might even learn to cross-country ski. Through it all, Tom Waits will be my co-pilot, my soundtrack to winter. How can anyone else compete with the odd, distinctive, beautiful, raspy tones of one Mr. Tom Waits? It happened innocently enough, last year. The moment the song Alice began to play in our car, I knew. Tom Waits will get me through winter. Are you ready to help me out again, Tom? How about a few of my friends? 

I present to you ten songs (attached media are from our record collection) to incorporate into your winter music playlists. I promise it will warm your soul, if not your frozen toes. 


1. The Piano Has Been Drinking, 1976

2. Coney Island Baby, 2002

3. Filipino Box Spring Hog, 1999

4. Take Me Home, 1982

5. Old Shoes (& Picture Postcards), 1973

6. We're All Mad Here, 2002

7. You Can Never Hold Back Spring, 2006

8. Pictures in a Frame, 1999

9. I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You, 1973

and....10.  Alice, 2002