Books to Read Over the Holidays: #3 - Landline

First off, I read all of Rainbow Rowell's books this year and highly suggest you make time to check them all out. In addition to Landline (2014) - the book we will be discussing today -, there is Attachments (2011), Eleanor & Park (2013) and Fangirl (2013). 

Various covers to  Landline .

Various covers to Landline.

Landline by Rainbow Rowell (2014)

A book where the heroine is called Georgie McCool. Yeah - can we all take a moment to contemplate how unfair it is that our names pale in comparison. Unfortunately for Georgie, her life is not living up to her awesome name. The book starts out with her marriage in trouble.... on the brink of shambles thanks to her busy work schedule. Georgie is a TV writer and her show... the show she has been working on with her writing partner since college, has potential of being picked up. The show is so close to becoming a reality, but a few rewrites are required over Christmas. Meaning she will have to stay in Los Angeles and her husband, Neal, and their two daughters will have to go to Omaha as planned and spend Christmas without her. This decision kicks off the whole story. Without Neal and her daughters, Georgie starts to get distracted. Afraid to go home to an empty house, Georgie escapes to her mother's house where she discovers her old corded bright yellow phone. A phone that apparently now has the power to call Neal--but not present day Neal, Neal from the past...

A unique spin on "time travel" paired with flashbacks and neurotic tendencies we are all guilty of in relationships from time to time - Landline will be a quick, easy, and heartfelt read for the holidays. Plus, it helps that it is set at Christmas.