Letter Writers Alliance (LWA), Member for Life

It's a cold, crisp day in Wisconsin. I pulled out my cords and sweaters and starting thinking about Fall: many hot cups of tea and time spent in doors. Then, I realized it was time. I pulled out my computer and searched for the Letter Writer's Alliance (LWA) and finally paid the momentous amount of $5 (plus .70 cents for shipping) and became a member for life. You heard me: $5 membership for life. What is the LWA you ask? 

The Letter Writers Alliance is a member based organization dedicated to keeping the art of letter writing alive.
What a membership package includes from the Letter Writers Alliance. 

What a membership package includes from the Letter Writers Alliance. 

Their tag line is "Correspondance and Community." A few of my friends are members and love it. One in particular got me into Mail Art a few years ago, but that is for another day and another post. The truth is, I love real mail. The excitement when you are sorting through the junk mail and bills to discover a postcard, a parcel, or a real letter in their midst. Joy. Simply, joy. There is a type of smile reserved or these moments. I am sure I am not alone. I even have friends that this is the majority of the way we correspond. Others, we go back and forth between quick messages, Skype, phone calls, emails, and real mail - however we always long to sit down and write, really write to each other. There is something magical about taking the time (because, yes it takes more time than social media) to write to one person, focus on one person. Writing is slower than typing or talking and it makes one really reflect on the words one is using (I recently had a writer encourage me to hand-write my graphic novel, because she swears, without a delete key, I will finish it instead of constantly rewriting). I hope to share with you my creations, in terms of art and design, over time (the contents though, remain for the recipients only).

Here is a sample of my recent mail goodies from various friends. I hope I encourage you to find a friend you can write to, really write to or at least create fun art or parcels to send.