Cumberbatch as Darcy

Benedict Cumberbatch    and his very wet shirt (Pic: Jason Bell/Dundas Communications) via Anglophenia

Benedict Cumberbatch and his very wet shirt (Pic: Jason Bell/Dundas Communications) via Anglophenia

Thank you Anglophenia for always keeping me in the loop. Sadly, this is not from a new production of P & P (yes, I support a remake if Benedict Cumberbatch is involved), but part of a campaign by Cancer Research UK and the clothing shop TKMaxx called Give Up Clothes For Good, which encourages people to donate unwanted clothing / accessories towards raising money to beat childhood cancer. Its the 10 year anniversary of Give Up Clothes for Good and as part of the celebration they are hosting an exhibition of works by photographer Jason Bell. This photo of Benedict Cumberbatch is part of the exhibition including other celeb photographs: Jerry Hall, Kate Winslet, Liam Neeson, Elijah Wood, Cynthia Nixon, Hugh Bonneville, Hollyoaks’ Jeremy Sheffield and Bruno Tolioni.

However, I want to know is how this pitch was made. So... Bendedict, Ben, can I call you Benny? You know how women (and men) adore you. You know the countless memes devoted to your features and various fan fiction of the adult rating persuasion. How women ask if they can taste your "yumminess" during Q&As at film screenings. How you probably wish for a little more privacy / anonymity at times, but really love being charitable. Well, want to reenact the most famous scene from Pride & Prejudice circa 1995 for charity (included in a recent post about Lyme Park, but I will post it again here)  It will probably break the internet, but it is for charity, you see.