Last year I read Luke Pearson's' Everything We Miss and I absolutely adored it. This month I read all of Pearson's Hilda books and instantly was smitten (the feeling of being smitten is on par with my view of delightful books). Yes, smitten with both Pearson and Hilda. Pearson, because he is an amazing illustrator (the color! the style! and writer! - creator of a unique world and characters you instantly love). Then Hilda, well, because she's Hilda. She is a sweet, kind-hearted (friend to all creatures), adventurous girl who lives in a world of whimsy. A real world of whimsy: trolls that freeze like mountains, giants over four thousand years old, migrating woofs, wooden creatures, nisses (house spirits), invisible tiny elves, Barghest (giant black hounds), and so much more. You will instantly want to live in Hilda's world. You will definitely want a pet like Twig (a fox, dog, fawn hybrid).

Check out these books; I promise you will be enchanted, not disappointed. The books range from 24-56 pages. They are for all ages or any gender (books for everyone, huzzah!). The titles so far include: Hildafolk (2010),  Hilda and The Midnight Giant (2012), Hilda and The Bird Parade (2013), Hilda and The Black Hound (2014). 


Select pages from each book. See what I mean about Pearson's illustration? Delightful!