Jenny in Wisconsin, Huzzah!

I missed posting about Jenny Lewis' birthday (which she shares with David Bowie - two of my top musical spirit anmials born on the same day) earlier this month (January 8th for those who care), but that's okay - because now I can geek out over the fact she finally set a Wisconsin show for her Voyager Tour. I had actually given up hope that she would play here. It's not Madison, but fits my husband's "miles we can travel to see a concert" rule. Hurry up May 19th, I need my live-Jenny-fix. To celebrate this news here are a few, just a few (because I know you only have so much time to spend on my site per day), of my favorite songs (both from her solo work and her time fronting Rilo Kiley) uploaded from actual physical objects called CDs. 

Portion for Foxes

Late Bloomer

The Next Messiah

A Better Son / Daughter

Rise Up with Fists

Science vs. Romance

Head Underwater

You Are What You Love

Silver Lining 

Spectacular Views

More Adventurous

Acid Tongue