Lou Taylor Illustrations

I love quirky jewelry. It is really all I collect these days. Some of the best designers in this realm are out of the UK. Over the holidays a friend spoiled me with a couple of pieces from Lou Taylor (from Brighton, England) - you can also connect with them through their Etsy shop, their Twitter account, their Instagram, and their Facebook page.

Now that is out of the way, let's get to the swooning with some example of their quirky, well made pieces. They, of course, make other items (scarves, paper items, etc), but for now I am sticking to their jewelry line. The pieces are lasercut and made from acrylic. Plus the necklaces have black grosgrain ribbon to adjust length. Prices range from $12 USD to $148 USD (plus shipping). There is something for everyone. I absolutely adore them and hope you do too!