Favorite Snow Scenes: #4 - "Wait a Minute... Nice Boys DO Kiss Like That"

Realizing so far I have picked some films / scene with dark elements (The Thing, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Fargo). I decided to give you a double-feature per se for my final installment. Hollywood loves their kisses in the rain. However, I am a snow worshiper. I love the rain, but there is something extra magical about snow. So instead of ending the series with more death and destruction in a snow setting, I give you - two wonderful snow kisses. Presenting St. Elmo's Fire and Bridget Jones's Diary

St. Elmo's Fire (1985)

When Kirby Keger (Emilio Estevez) seems down and out since his romantic gesture is thwarted when his long time crush Dale Biberman (Andie MacDowell) turns out to have a boyfriend. Prior to this scene Kirby endures the awkwardness of his car getting stuck in the snow - but as we can see this nice guy rallies and we are smiling along as he leaves the girl stunned and drives away. 


Bridget Jones's Diary (2001)

Confession, I totally read the first two Bridget Jones books (British edition, of course) and quite enjoyed them. I am an Austenite after all and we all know how I feel about Colin Firth playing Mr. Darcy. It's a bit cheesy, a bit ridiculous (what woman really forgets to put on trousers when its cold enough for snow in London?), but who does not adore that finally kiss and the remark: "Wait a minute... nice boys don't kiss like that." And we all know the answer to that one.