A Very Thrifted Halloween: Bonus Edition - "Don't F#@$ With the Babysitter"

Unlike the previous four posts (How to Dress Like a Final Girl, Dress Like You Got the PowerHow to Dress Like the Villain of the Piece, and How to Dress Like Your Horror Clique), this bonus edition of A Very Thrifted Halloween includes only one look (instead of three). Because it's my Halloween costume. And that is--drumroll please--the person who spoke the memorable words of the title: Chris Parker from Adventures in Babysitting

"Don't F#@$ With the Babysitter"

Chris Parker, Adventures in Babysitting (1987)

You may remember in *Spoiler Alert*, He Doesn't Get The Girl, I gushed over the opening credits to this film. Chris (Elisabeth Shue), in those opening credits, symbolizes many moments in a young girl's life: getting ready for a date and having a sweet dance moment in the comfort and privacy of her bedroom. Here is the clip, in case you need a reminder.  

In my curations for A Very Thrifted Halloween I stumbled upon something that seemed impossible. After years of wishing to embody Chris Parker in those opening moments, I found a dress, not an exact match, but pretty darn close, on Etsy. It was under $30 (including shipping!), in my size, and it fit the theme of thrifting costumes. As you can imagine, there was much twirling and lipsyncing to The Crystals' "And Then He Kissed Me."

There is something rewarding about thrifting, especially in costuming. Getting close enough can bring you pure joy (as with me and my Chris Parker dress). I honestly feel like I could perform "Babysitting Blues" in front of a crowd of strangers, escape jealous gunfire, car thieves, the Lords of Hell, and crash a party or two. I may even get to meet Thor if I am lucky, but hopefully not due to a flat tire from trying to rescue a friend named Brenda. 

Luckily, the one thing I know: I am not getting stood up. Instead of Mike with the license plate that reads "So Cool," my date is a real genius type that also goes by the name Chris (see Nostalgic T-shirt Costumes).

There you have it: my very own A Very Thrifted Halloween. I hope you have enjoyed this series and that you found inspiration in the curated themes. Remember, this is not only for Halloween, but really for all year long. Go thrift!