Halloween Jewelry Perfect for Everyday of the Year

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the costumes, the movies, its quirkiness, its spookiness. I also love that there are many ways to enjoy aspects of the holiday throughout the year. One of the ways is through jewelry. True, some Halloween jewelry conforms to a one month a year box, but I want to state here. One of my favorite necklaces, a staple I wear all the time, is one of these pieces. It was a limited edition piece by Tatty Devine for Hoxton Street Monster Supplies in England in the November 2012. Five teal green letters "GRRRR," and it has been an icebreaker ever since. It connects me to those with a offbeat sense of humor and style, and of course, horror and Halloween fans alike. 

There are many unique pieces to choose from, especially with the outlets we now have for maker-made items. The topic of every day Halloween jewelry is so vast, I decided to break down this curated collection into brooches, sweater guards / collar clips, earrings, rings, necklaces, cuff links, and bracelets / cuffs. Each group includes three of my favorites that I stumbled across during my search. I hope they inspire you to seek out more, but also to enjoy Halloween and horror statement pieces throughout the year. I've included some common themes, such as black cats, zombies, skeletons, but also added a bit of pop culture to the curated collection as well. Enjoy!


Sweater Guards / Collar Clips




Cuff Links

Bracelets / Cuffs