A Dash of Awkward, a Splash of Charming (Film Series): #3

A Dash of Awkward, a Splash of Charming is a series devoted to cinematic dinners that include uncomfortable or tense moments, but also sweet elements. Previously we examined the awkward "love triangle" restaurant scene in Rushmore and the first family dinner Edward finds himself thrown into in Edward Scissorhands. This week we shift to another family, whose dinner is reminiscent of most families, but is unique thanks to their specialized superpowers. 

Brad Bird's The Incredibles dinner scene includes a string of common family awkward moments: child in trouble in school (Dash voiced by Spencer Fox), father (Mr. Incredible voiced by Craig T. Nelson) ignoring said family conversation, teen (Violet voiced by Sarah Vowell) daydreaming about a kid at school instead of eating her dinner, and a mother (Elastigirl voiced by Holly Hunter) trying to engage her family while making faces to get her youngest to eat.  

These common awkward moments are elevated by the fact this family has superpowers that they work into their arguments until their friend (Frozone voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) pops by and they go right back to dinner. These moments of frustration, fighting between their kids, and issues surrounding their super powers are given charm by the fact they are a family trying to be normal. They love each other, despite their superhuman abilities. 

You can catch the scene in its entirely in the video below. It is truly a great scene and hits on all the right notes for a family dinners, including the awkward and charming.