Everlane was founded in the fall of 2010 and is the kind of company that spends months finding the best factories around the world to produce their pieces. They visit them often to ensure working conditions are healthy and fair, and they focus on building strong personal relationships with the factory owners (which includes three factories in the United States). They not only detail each factory they work with on their site, Everlane continues to find ways to improve the lives of their employees. For example on Black Friday, the company chose to use their platform, not to provide sales and improve their profit margins, but instead to pass earnings on to their employees. The profits from every item sold the day after Thanksgiving every year goes to creating a new wellness program at their tee factory in Los Angeles, offering on-site health care, free groceries, and English classes. 

Everlane is known for their basics. Their clothing can form core pieces to anyone's closet (men or women), from shirts to pants, shoes to bags, and of course, dresses. Their dresses run $50-$110 in price. They tend to offer each style of dress in a few colors. Each piece instantly gives the wearer timeless, effortless style, with simple and beautiful silhouettes - something for everyone.

Below, I have curated some of my favorites, but definitely check out Everlane's complete range of dresses, in addition to their other must-have clothing staples. 

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