Katie Martinez's Elegantees and Dressember teamed up this year to produce "The Dressember Dress" (the dress that Dressember founder Blythe Hill is wearing every day this December, as are many other Dressember participants) and when you read about the work Elegantees is doing, the pairing makes complete sense. Elegantees fights sex trafficking every day in Nepal by offering survivors a new life with fair wages. By working for Elegantees these women receive an income that reinforces independence, gain a healthy-self image, and begin to restore their lives.  

Elegantees believes that one of the ways to reduce sex trafficking is to reduce poverty: "Reducing Vulnerability through Opportunity." Nepal is situated between China and India, and is considered one of the least developed countries in the world, and ranks high for sex trafficking. The numbers speak for themselves, when you realize The Nepali Rescue Project rescues over 20,000 women and children from trafficking.

Elegantees' dresses are solid in color and the perfect basics to fill out your wardrobe. The Dressember Dress (included below) is made from locally sourced fabric. The cotton is a unique textured weave made by Nepali natives, however some styles are made from other fabrics. I have curated a collection of my favorite designs that I believe are perfect for every woman. They are easy to incorporate into your own style and will work on all shapes and sizes. Plus, the most important aspect of all, when you wear the dress you know with the simple act of one purchase you made a difference in someone's life.

For Dressember 2015, I am dedicating a collection of posts to ethical clothing companies that make dresses. This post is part of this series. If you are interested in my Dressember Campaign, click here