Fair Indigo

Fair Indigo is an ethical company based in Madison, WI that makes clothing for women, men, and kids, not to mention items for your home. You can shop by the type of item you are seeking or by your values, such as: Fair Trade, Organic, USA-made, Recycled, Alpaca, Vegan, or Reusable. 

The company was started in 2005, when certified fair trade clothing did not exist. Instead of putting their dreams on hold, Fair Indigo chose to move forward ethically with "small family-owned businesses and worker-owned cooperatives where workers were earning living wages and being treated with respect and dignity, even though they were not certified fair trade." Now, they even work to get their partners Fair Trade USA certified. 

Fair Indigo's dresses are another basic dress staple for any closet - mostly in solid colors (with the option of 3-4 colors per style) and classic silhouettes. The garments are ethically made in Peru with sustainable fabrics (organic cotton, sustainably harvested alpaca). Like a few other companies featured in this series, you can click on each item to find out its journey, its story: where the cotton was grown, who spun the yarn, and where the item was sewn.

I have curated my current favorite pieces by Fair Indigo below. I also picked a few color choices to demonstrate their earthy, yet rich color tones, in addition to the various shapes and styles offered by the company. With basic styles, like Fair Indigo's dresses, it is easy to style and transform the pieces into your own fashion sensibilities. This also allows ways to stretch dresses from season to season: you can wear the piece alone in warm weather and then accessorize with leggings, a scarf, and boots for autumn and winter. As always, I hope you will explore the company's site and keep them in mind when you have to make a future clothing purchase.

For Dressember 2015, I am dedicating a collection of posts to ethical clothing companies that make dresses. This post is part of this series. If you are interested in my Dressember Campaign, click here