If you like clothing made of bold, beautiful print fabric, look no further than Mayamiko. Paola Masperi created Mayamiko in 2013. The company's current line includes clothing, accessories and housewares. Each item is ethically made in Malawi and incorporates traditional African techniques into their contemporary designs.

The fabrics used by Mayamiko include printed cotton, known locally as chitenje, which is sourced at the local market. The company also purchases batik and dip dye cotton fabrics from a local artisan named Dominic. Lastly, like a few of the companies previous featured in this series, Mayamiko also uses up-cycled, reclaimed fabrics in their designs.

One of the best ways to learn more about this company is to watch their film: Mayamiko The Label. On trend. With Heart, which allows you to see not only how their garments are made, but also how the choice to be ethical has a big impact on the communities they work with. The company is also part of the trust by the same name: Mayamiko (which focuses on empowering communities through fair trade employment and ethical fashion). 

The dress styles below vary from season to season and the current silhouettes are very similar, but illustrate the company's stunning fabric. Mayamiko clothing is fun, vibrant, and beautiful. The pieces also celebrate the traditions and culture of the makers. This aspect takes ethical clothing to another level. Respect in wages and traditions is equal in ethically, fair trade fashion, and Mayamiko does this very well. 

For Dressember 2015, I am dedicating a collection of posts to ethical clothing companies that make dresses. This post is part of this series. If you are interested in my Dressember Campaign, click here