Curated Thrifted Dressember: Vintage Velvet Dresses

When looking for a holiday dress, you could buy new, but consider the environment and ethical option of vintage.  As previously seen in  Curated Thrifted Dressember,  with Vintage Black Tunics and Vintage Sweater Dresses, there are a plethora of options out there. 

One of the recurring themes of holiday dresses is the classic velvet dress. A fabric that has a tendency to be scoffed at the rest of winter is given a special appreciation around Christmas. The soft texture, the rich colors, and the easy style they provide the wearer. The fabric has been a staple this time of year for decades, which means you have options in the realm of vintage. Whether you you love the figure hugging silhouettes 60s or the shorter lengths of the 80s, there is something out there for you.  Also, as noted above they come in a variety of rich colors, including the classic holiday party colors of black, red, green, and blue. 

Below I have curated a selection of gems  currently available online.  They demonstrate the beauty of this fabric as executed over the years. Plus, since they are vintage, you have a clear conscious when buying the pieces.  You are giving a second chance to a garment, which means it is not only an ethical purchase, but an environmental one as well.  Enjoy and please consider checking out your local vintage shops for those last minute holiday dresses. You may find and thrift the perfect dress. 

For Dressember 2015, I am dedicating a collection of posts to ethical clothing companies that make dresses. This post is part of this series. If you are interested in my Dressember Campaign, click here