Bibico is another company that hails from England (Bath to be exact) and a farmhouse in Menorca, Spain where the first designs for the brand were sketched. After ten years working for high street clothing brands, Snow and her husband Tim decided to create their own clothing company. Inspired to create timeless pieces from sustainable materials and using ethical, fair trade practices, the brand Bibico was born.  

Their choice to move away from fast fashion and focus on an ethical and sustainable brand makes a big impact. As noted on their site, “We wouldn’t work for a wage from which we could not afford life's basics, so we don’t expect the people making our clothes to do so.” Bibico currently works with two women’s cooperative that are fair trade certified. A cooperative not only provides work and a way out of poverty, but training and education that allow women to empower themselves and their children. The company also aims to avoid cheap synthetic material, opting for natural materials like cotton and wool, and tries to minimize their environmental impact.

The result of these efforts is well constructed, classic designs that any woman can wear and accessorize to fit their own style. They have only a few collections each year to fit the season, unlike the high street brands that churn out new pieces every week. Below I have curated a sampling of the dresses currently available in their winter collection. As you can see, solids are a main focus, but there are a few prints. Styles are offered in a couple of colors and materials. Plus, each piece can be used for future seasons without going out of fashion. Check out Bibico's entire collection and their blog where you can find out more about their brand in addition to other ethical and eco-friendly companies. 

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