Ushering in a New Year (A Mix)

Last year, I offered Alternatives to Auld Lang Syne. This year I have curated a mix of thirty songs to help you usher in your new year. Dealing with the difficulty of resolutions? Hopeful for the new year? Or possbily feeling a bit bleak or negative that the year changing from 2015 to 2016 means anything at all? Regardless of your mindset or goals, there is something in this "Ushering in a New Year" mix for everyone on New Year's Eve or any day in the new year for that matter. 

Features artists and bands such as David Bowie, Beach House, Nina Simone, The Talking Heads, The Kinks and Beastie Boys to name a few. A mix of hopeful wishes and realistic aspirations will set the tone for what the new year always ushers in: highs and lows, new friends and friends who become strangers, new chances and missed opportunities. This is a mix of what life is like and one that will hopefully give you comfort to know that 2016 holds the same for everyone.

Happy New Year!