Love is Bloody Complicated

In a few days everything will be pink and red, heart-shaped and dipped in chocolate, sparkling from jewelry to a glass of bubbly. Your social media feeds will be filled with "I'm the luckiest (insert gender) alive."

Then there are those on the opposite end of the spectrum. Those alone, feeling a bit depressed, rolling their eyes at every gushing recounts that come their way.

I love my dear friends who embrace their lives regardless of relationship status and can celebrate the day with the love of good friends. All of these moments are part of the experience of love and every emotion in between. Sometimes love does not last (see my current film series "*Spoiler Alert, He Doesn't Get the Girl" for fictitious examples) or sometimes we start to have feelings that will never be reciprocated. Love consists of anger and happiness, joy and tears, laughter and fights. You can be married to your best friend and still crave moments of alone time (introvert here, I get the need to recharge).

This is why my mix for this weekend is "Love is Bloody Complicated." You have typical "our love is epic" songs, break-up songs, loving from afar songs, reminiscing about past love song, "it's not you it's me" songs, you are my best friend songs, and even seduction songs (ooh la la). Most love stories graphed out would look like a rollercoaster of highs and lows, and for me a playlist should reflect those same emotions. 

I forced myself to stop at 100 songs. Music from the 1920s up to present day is represented: Jazz, Pop, Folk, New Wave, Blues, Indie, etc. I am sure there is a song for everyone regardless of your plans for the weekend, but again warning, the songs vary in tone. If you are looking for an Everything is Awesome mix (though that song is in my mix as well) there are other playlists out there to suit your needs, what matters is finding out what works for you.