The Art of Groundhog Day

It is that day of the year. The anticipation, the joy. No, not the time to get angry with a creature for the technicality that spring is actually six week away. No, it's the day of the year to watch Groundhog Day (1993) - directed by Harold Ramis. "Bing!" 

Phil Connors (Bill Murray - the king of everything!), a conceited weatherman, is cursed to repeat the same day over and over: Groundhog Day. He first takes advantage of this by indulging in some of the seven deadly sins, lust and gluttony, along with engaging in some felony activity. Then the repeating day drives him mad. Then there is the redemptive stage, where he actually wants to better himself for the lovely Rite (Andie MacDowell). If anyone was going to have us fall in love with a movie about February 2nd and its weird obsession with a groundhog, it would, of course, be Bill Murray (Oh - yes I am on the Murray train and always curious what crazy stunt he is about to pull next). I am not alone; many people adore this film, and Murray, the legend himself. There are tons of items paying tribute to both across the internet, but I narrowed down my favorite nine fan art pieces to you. Try not to get stuck in a loop today and instead enjoy watching Phil Connors in one. Happy Groundhhog Day!

Groundhog Day Fan Art