With a Side of 'New Wave' Fries

In case you missed this bit of fun last week (as I was a few days late to the party, a big thanks to The Mary Sue news for the remedy), Sleater-Kinney released their music video for "New Wave." For those who need an additional update: Sleater-Kinney-which consists of Corin Tucker (vocals and guitar), Carrie Brownstein (guitar and vocals), and Janet Weiss (drums)-released a new album, No Cities to Love, a month ago (to which all of rejoiced. Even if you weren't aware of the group, the collective excitement around you made your heart skip a beat. I am sure of it). Then came their video for 'New Wave' and my geekiness is seriously having a hard time being contained. It is a Bob's Burgers music video. This is exactly how you feel right now, right? Me too. 

You remember my love of Tina Belcher. Well she just continues to be the coolest teen around, not to mention the epic moves of her siblings Louise and Gene. Just watch and share my glee over the Belcher kids dancing to these Riot Grrrls. I do wonder, where is Jimmy, Jr? You know he is kicking himself for not being able to dance along too.