En Garde, Sweater!

Whether you call them sweater guards, collar clips, cardigan clips, or sweater clips, you have to admit they are a pretty awesome staple to any accessory collection. They hail from a time when we ladies had a hard time keeping our sweaters in the proper, decent places. Modesty. It is all about modesty. Now, we have evolved to where the sweaters can stay on all by themselves and our old friends the sweater guards must pivot and find a new place. Luckily for them the peter pan collar exists--the perfect adornment. Or you know, they can simply be worn like a brooch (no collar or sweater required). Isn't that clever?  

As I mentioned last week in my Lou Taylor Illustrations piece, I love quirky jewelry and the sweater guard is really the perfect place to display your love of oddities and multifaceted geekery. Again, a good deal of quality shops making them are out of the UK, but there are a few stateside creators featured below. Today, they tend to go by the name "collar clips" but you can still search under any of the words listed above. Plus - do not forget the wonderful amount of vintage sweater guards you can find online and at reasonable prices. The items featured below are selected from their charm and quality (from what I can tell from online). They run between $15 and $30 dollars. 

Etsy Sweater Guard Finds!