That's F#@%ing Delish, Man! (An Irish Mix)

Planning a St. Patrick's Day party, but stumped on what music to play? Skipping the bars and enjoying a night in and looking for some real Irish bands to accompany your Irish fare? Or are you simply looking for new music? Then I have a playlist for you: That's F#@%ing Delish, Man! (An Irish Mix). Pardon my language, but it is a line from one of my favorite Irish films, Intermission (tune in tomorrow for more information concerning this indie cult classic).

This playlist is entirely compiled of bands / musicians born in Ireland (or became an Irish citizen). It is also 100% "Danny Boy" free. That might not mean much, but if you have stood through the New York St. Patrick's Day parade (or any St. Patrick's Day parade for that matter), then you have probably hit your quota on hearing the song, especially on bagpipes.

I can promise that there is at least one song by The Pogues, The Dubliners, and of course, U2, but the curated list also includes Two Door Cinema Club, Hozier, Jape, And So I Watched You From Afar, and The Little Green Cars. Not to mention The Cranberries, Thin Lizzy, Damien Rice, Van Morrison, and more. 70 songs to remind you why so many of us wear our Irish pride proudly or, better yet, those who wish they were Irish on March 17th. Enjoy and Sláinte, my friends!