Designs by Instanticon

You will probably hear this alot but, March is, hands-down, my favorite month. As part of the I-heart-March so freakin' much celebration, I decided to focus a few posts (four to be exact) on some of my talented friends. People who I not only adore, but who also continue to inspire me with their creativity.

Up first is Toronto-based artist Justin Gray and his brand, Instanticon. I met Justin a few years ago when he was studying film in Los Angeles. Our friendship was instantly forged by the fact we both think... strike that...know Grease 2 (1982) is superior to the original.

Like most artists, Justin's need to create does not have limits. When he is not experimenting in the realm of new media, he is creating designs that can morph from prints to clothing statements. His designs comment on popular culture / fashion/ society, but he also has a knack for utilizing vintage images for stunning effect. He excels, quite simply, in creating striking illustrations. There are tees and tanks, but also one-piece swimsuits, shorts, skirts, and occasional prints. Here are some of my favorite designs, but I hope you will check out Instanticon's shop at Print All Over Me. You can also follow Instanticon via Instagram