Oh So Fresh (A Spring Mix)

I love all seasons, but Spring holds a special place in my heart. The temperatures are perfect, not too hot, not too cold. You get a perfect mix of sun and rain (I personally adore a rainy day). Flowers begin to bloom and fill the air with their sweet fragrances. Everything is alive and green. The days get longer, which means a little bit more sun.

It is the freshest of seasons, if you will. Which means creating a spring mix has to include not just songs with "Spring" or "Springtime" in the title, but music that references rain and storms, going outside and on adventures, spring fashion, Easter, sunshine, and of course, flowers. That makes this playlist extra eclectic (Beastie Boys, Metric, Fats Waller, Nina Simone, The B-52s, and Lily Allen to name a few), but one that I hope will set the right tone for the wonderful season. Welcome Spring, I look forward to the next three months together.