Geek Fashion Week

Geek Fashion Week, the first of its kind, is kicking off today in Los Angeles. There are a few different events from a Happy Hour / Work Wear Mixer, to a Pajama Brunch, and even a full-on fashion show. Even your favorite brands are stepping in: Espionage CosmeticsThinkGeek, and Her Universe are all sponsors of the first annual Geek Fashion Week March 23-29, 2015.

However, if you are not in LA, do not fear. Geek Fashion Week, founded by Dina Kampmeyer was not simply created for LA events. Dina's vision is for accessible Geek Fashion, which is why the online portion is a huge part of the week. 

GeekFashionWeek.Net has even more content this week for not just the Geek Fashionista, but those finding their style in Geek Fashion. On the site (full-disclosure, I am also the Content Editor) a whole range of topics will be covered: 9-5 workwear, Men's Fashion, Everyday Fashion, Sleep & Loungewear, Activewear, Special Occasion, and even how to Style and Accessorize your looks.

Everyday, actually, there will be a Styling 101 by Dina herself to dive into to these topics and discuss what is available, but also the gaps / what we need more of in a particularly category of Geek fashion. 

In addition, Geek Fashion Week will have some Spotlights (interviews) with some of your favorite designers and tastemakers. A look into their inspirations, challenges, and trends they hope to see soon in the world of Geek Fashion. 

I hope you will find a way to celebrate this week, no matter where you live. I have even jumped into the spirit of the week and tried my hand at styling one of my Star Wars Her Universe Dresses for three different occasions: brunch with friends, work meetings (I'm an archivist, so suits are not required), and a night out on the town - all part of the Style Your Universe, sponsored by Her Universe.  Here's to Geek Fashion and Geek Fashion Week!