Orphan Black Clothing - But What about Felix?

Do not get me wrong. I love that geek fashion has taken such a unique turn. Orphan Black fashion! One of my favorite shows, now a fashion statement courtesy of Hot Topics exclusive new collection. You can now dress as your favorite clone, whether that is soccer-mom prep Alison, bohemian-chic Cosima, angel-winged Helena, or street / biker-style Sarah. Simply, brilliant.

However, if you are like me, you are wishing they also brought the fashion of new wave - punk Felix Dawkins (Jordan Gavaris) - who is hands down my favorite character. I am constantly wishing I could raid his closet. Men can be a woman's style icon and vice versa, in my opinion.

So, here are my favorite looks (from Season 1 and 2) I hope Hot Topic will consider in their next line of affordable Orphan Black clothing (because otherwise I might have to splurge on the sold out pieces on ebay). 

Felix's coat from Season, Episode 3 

(definitely G Star Raw Women’s Cavalry Coat)

Felix's mustard yellow sweater from Season 1, Episode 9 

(H&M Pull En Laine Mélangée comes close, but still looking for the actual piece).

All of his shirtsts. All of them.
For example, this one from Season 1, Episode 1

(Dark Seas Division Mermaid Baja Tee, cut / altered to fit his style)

Felix's striking typography pants from Season 2; Episode 6

(Topshop Moto Letter Print Skinny Jeans)

Felix's distressed sweater from Season 2; Episode 3

(Sparkle & Fade Slit Pullover Sweater, perhaps)

Felix's beaded and grey jeans from Season 2; Episode 8

(Free People Tuxedo Solstice jeans in Smoke)

and of course.... Felix's kimono from Season 1, Episode 9

(designer unknown, but definitely a must have )

Did I miss one of your favorite looks? Let me know in the comments below.