Outdated Dance Moves or Dance Crazes to Revive?

I stumbled on this video from British Pathé, and of course, instantly had to share. I love old dance moves. I wish I was born during the time of the Fox Trot, instead of "the twerk." But who says those dance crazes can't be revived? The Charleston, Fox Trot, Hot Fox, Chestnut Tree, Park Parade, The Jive, Golly Golly, and The Shake, are all notable options for a revival. Just check out the video below and let me know what you think in the comments, especially if there is one you think they should have covered. 

I personally think Shelley Long was onto something in Troop Beverly Hills. ("And I can do the frug / I can do the Robocop / I can do the Freddie /  I cannot do the Smurf" - lyrics courtesy of Rilo Kiley).