Today we finish up our final installment of March's "My spectacularly talented friends" (I use the caveat March, because I hope to bring you another edition of this series very soon). We looked at three unique and wonderful companies in this series: graphic print fashion of Toronto-based Instanticon, the wonderful kid t-shirt subscription company, The Curated Tee, and the mega-geeky soaps of vegan-friendly Bubble GeniusToday, I present you with the delightful whimsical and edible creations by BlakeyCakes.

After six years in Los Angeles, my top three treats for satisfying your sweet tooth are: Simplethings, Semi Sweet Bakery, and BlakeyCakes. I met Blake Anthony, the creative genius behind BlakeyCakes at, of all places, a Bubble Genius event. We bonded over our mutual geeky interests, and of course, my love of his wonderful treats. However, the topic never came up concerning his inspiration to start BlakeyCakes and why he chose to offer a unique variety of options. I love when I learn something in this digital curation process, as much as you.

It all started with cupcakes.... though a good deal with a touch of humor, geek, and quirkiness. 

BlakeyCakes began out of a strong desire to get out there in the world working in something I am passionate about. Food! I started out with designing and baking cupcakes and that has evolved into sculpting and decorating crazier, challenging cakes for various occasions! Everything I have learned from the many designs I’ve done to the techniques I’ve practiced have been inspired through the marvel of the internet. The online cake community I’ve been fortunate to discover has been essential to my pastry education as well, and I still have a long ways to go in mastering many more techniques and teachings.
— Blake Anthony, of BlakeyCakes

Speaking of those sculpted creations. Here are some of my favorite works of art by BlakeyCakes, which I believe the geeky among you will very much appreciate. 

Through dabbling in other forms of pastry, I have created and offered vegan, gluten-free, and even sugar-free variations of my treats ranging from cupcakes, cakes to cookies, macaroons, cake pops/truffles, dessert bars, and even chocolate covered strawberries! I have even gained knowledge in the world of molding and sculpting figures and decorations out of fondant! Something I never thought I’d learn to do, but it has become a very enriching experience. I even do pupcakes. All natural and tasty treats for your pups!!
— Blake Anthony, of BlakeyCakes

Here are some of his other creations: as he mentioned there are chocolate covered strawberries, cookies, truffles, macaroons, mini pies (oh yes--my favorite dessert in bite-size form and I can vouch that these are amazing!), and, of course dog-friendly, "pupcakes".

Now that I am sure you are craving one of these sweets, let me tell you about the various ways you can contact BlakeyCakes and place your order. As they say: "BlakeyCakes is your one stop shop for all your dessert catering needs!" Especially if you are looking for that special, custom order. You can contact BlakeyCakes via Facebook, email (, or phone (818) 577-8302. Plus, BlakeyCakes does have a selection of items you can order within the United States (why should those in Southern California have all the treats). You can check out the BlakeyCakes Etsy shop for more details.

You can also keep up with and oooh and awwwe over his new creations through the BlakeyCakes Blog, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram.