Vintage Spouted Cocktail Shakers

We are a cocktail home. I am always reminded of a quote from That 70's Show when Hyde is talking to Eric:

"Red's got bicentennial frizzle sticks, he's got fake lemons with real lemon juice, he's got toothpicks shaped like swords! Red Forman is a cocktail dad!"

That was the 1970s idea of a cocktail parent, whereas you can think of us as the 1920s meets the 1960s with a modern twist. We have everything one needs, from glassware to cocktail picks to our vintage Art Deco ice bucket. We even have two shakers (a regular one and one in the shape of a penguin - which you can spot in The Gold Rush). I recently realized two shakers are not enough, because one classic design has eluded us.

I imagine I have seem them before, but in classic Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon-style, once it was on my radar, I've been seeing it everywhere. I first consciously spotted this item at Odana Antiques here in Madison and then it popped up in Poirot, Season 12 "Three Act Tragedy" where it was used to serve up a tray full of gin martinis. 

Screenshot from  Three Act Tragedy,  2011.

Screenshot from Three Act Tragedy, 2011.

The item in question is the spouted cocktail shaker that also serves a pitcher. A staple it seems in 1930s barware. We have not purchased one.... yet. It's a treat, not a necessity at present. I have browsed around to bring you some of my favorite designs from the 1920s-1950s (via Pinterest - though most of them are from The Hour, which sells high-end vintage items. You can find affordable ones for less that $20 on Ebay, Etsy, or most likely, your local antique store). I hope you appreciate these wonderful designs as much as me.