Vintage Anthropomorphic Seed Packets

I stumble across some very quirky things doing normal searches, especially on Pinterest or through Google Images. They sometimes even inspire a post, which is the case for today's curated collection: Vintage Anthropomorphic Seed Packets. 

I was looking for seed packets as I hope to try out my hand again this year to see if it has a green thumb or not. Instead, I got a bit distracted by this very odd trend. A handful of companies appear to have embraced this marketing strategy of humanistic fruits and vegetables. For the most part, the illustrations feature human heads with produce bodies with functional arms and legs (some in human form, others with vine-like opposable appendages. In a few cases characters have vegetable heads. In almost all the examples that I have found (including those not curated here) the characters also wear some form of clothing or fashion accessory: hats, shoes, jackets, even a monocle. 

What comes to mind is the old saying: "You are what you eat." If this is the case, would you be persuaded by this marketing / design campaign? I, personally, adore them for their whimsy and think my nieces and nephews would be watching the garden closely to see if any fruit or vegetable sprites pop up from the ground. I have curated a selection of my favorites for you to peruse. Hope they inspire you to be adventurous with your gardening this summer. Oh - and if you must know, the dandy-esque carrot with the top hat, monocle, and cane inspired this post, in case you want someone to blame.