Fulton Reed is Foggy Nelson


Now, a younger generation might have smiled at the fact that Pollux (Hunger Games) is in Daredevil, but if you are of my generation only one name came to mind: Fulton Reed. Or maybe you were just wracking your brain trying to remember where you knew him from. Actor Elden Henson, who has multiple roles that solidify his geek cred for life, broke out on the scene and into most of our hearts as a Duck.

Fulton Reed appeared in all three films of The Mighty Ducks films. Fulton, like Foggy Nelson, stands up for those in need, but instead of doing it in the courts he does it both on and off the ice. Fulton has broad stature and strength, but a gentle soul. We see this in the first films when he comes to the rescue of of a few Ducks cornered by members of the rival hockey team, the Hawks. He, or course, if you remember, is not a Duck at the beginning, just someone watching from the sidelines as the hockey team continue their losing streak. Soon, coach Bombay discovers Fulton's talent when his slapshot breaks a window.

Fulton's slapshot is powerful, but accuracy is only 1 in 5. That is not what keeps Fulton from trying out for hockey. It turns out he doesn't know how to skate. The team helps him learn and he becomes an instrumental part of them winning.

Now, replace the skates, the stick, and the ice and add a suit, New York, and slightly lighter hair and Fulton transforms into one Foggy Nelson.

Foggy is definitely my favorite character on the Netflix show. His humor, his dedication, and his sharp wit are all to be desired. From the office to the interrogation room and the mean streets of Hell's Kitchen to the courtroom, you have a character who chooses to stand up for those in need and fight injustice, instead of selling out for the high paying law firm job. 

The sidekick that is needed to help the hero even when he doesn't know his friend is fighting for justice on the street in a mask. Like his "Bash Brother" Fulton (reference to  D2, where teams up with Dean Portman), Foggy also has a tough side not only using phrases like "Punch him in the melon" and "Fisticuffs" but also can "plain kick ass" with a baseball and bat. Plus, with every Foggy/Matt Murdock fist bump, my heart leaps a little. The new type of "Bash Brothers" that this world needs. They are well on their way to bringing it all full-circle. The Ducks were, after all, more than teammates; they were friends. Ducks fly together. Friends stick together. I'm looking forward to seeing where Foggy and Murdock fly next.