Warm Weather Styling for Marvel By Her Universe

Last week, Her Universe debuted new editions to their Star Wars line (as part of Star Wars Celebration). Yesterday they released for pre-sale their new line of Avenger-inspired clothing at Hot Topic. This is not the first Marvel line by the female-focused geek brand and we hope it will not be the last.  

As you can see from the above image, the collection includes stunning pieces, but the two items that stand out to me are the jackets: the "Stark Industries Girls Bomber Jacket" and the "Black Widow Girls Belted Jacket." Fashionable geek outwear has been lacking and these two pieces are sure to work with any wardrobe.

To prove it, here are some spring / summer basics that would work with either jacket, because let's face it, black leather pants are not ideal when the temperatures skyrocket and the sun is blaring down. You can only stay cool if you are gifted with super powers, after all.

My suggestions include dress in a bright hue, classic sunglasses, distressed denim, long skirts with a feminine, delicate, romantic feel, items in a fun spring print, and a pair of canvas / slip on shoes for comfort. These are just a few suggestions to start styling these pieces of the warmer seasons ahead. You could also look for hats, shorts, headscarves, sandals, and more to create fun and easy spring and summer styles. It is the perfect time to have fun with your style and what better than to mix it up with some wonderful Avenger fan fashion.