Essential Rain Scenes: #4 - Jurassic Park

Rain, love or hate it, it is essential, even in film. We have analyzed the additional element it provides when searching for a toss aside no-name cat in Breakfast and Tiffanys, the comedic timing of "It course be worse" in Young Frankensteinand setting the tone for two dear friends to part ways in Withnail & I.  

Today, we conclude the April film series: Essential Rain Scenes with one of my favorites: Jurassic Park (1993). Admit it, you have never looked at a glass a water the same since 1993. You also find the quote, "Where's the goat?" oddly a favorite. Then there is the fact that no matter how many times you see it: goosebumps, heart-pounding, edge of your seat feelings. I was ten years old the first time I experienced the rain scene in Jurassic Park and to this day I find the rain an essential element.

Without the storm there is no reason for the staff to leave the island (thus no excuses for a scheming Nedry). Without the storm the cars do not get stopped in front of the T-Rex exhibit. Without the storm, the dinosaurs stay contained. The rain sets up the initial "park failure" and, let's face it, the wild ride it creates we would have no other way. We applaud the storm. The scene still holds up today, giving the dino kid in all of us a continuous reason to be a dino-loving adult. Here is part of the scene, the part that will forever make your heart race and a smile to stretch across your face, because who does not love a Tyrannosaurus Rex, especially in an essential rain scene?