Floral Fashion

As a little girl, I loved floral prints in the spring. As a woman in my 30s I struggle with the desire to incorporate floral patterns in my closet and the fact that many designs look ridiculous. I, of course, do have a few pieces, such as scarves, but otherwise struggle with my search for more. It is not that there is anything wrong with these pieces by themselves, but most designs do not work with my tomboyish/street/nerdy style. Many floral prints also tend to age me younger (and not in a good way) or way older. I honestly envy women who are able to pull them off well into their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond. They also tend to come in lighter, pastel hues, which as I have discussed before, do nothing for my fair skin but wash it out. 

Yet, this spring and summer I am determined to add one piece to my wardrobe. One piece that incorporates with my style, my wardrobe, and my pale skin. In my search, I have discovered the print definitely matters and the piece must work well with the clothing you already have. I need florals mixed with other prints, understanding that dark florals are just as springy, and abstract florals are still florals, and when all else fails - greeny prints are just as springy as florals. Here are a few pieces that visually explain what I mean. I hope they inspire you, as they have me.