Springs Hues 2015

All Colors  Spring 2015 Pantone Fashion Color Report   from Pantone.com.png

As a fair-skinned woman, Spring fashions can be a little infuriating due to light, airy, pastel colors that can wash one out if the hue is a little too light. Luckily this year, the color trends for Spring are a little richer in nature. The colors, as seen here from Pantone, still maintain a cooler, softer side, but offer richer, and in some cases brighter, options. They also mix and match well together (check out Pantone's recommend color pairings for each hue featured here.

I would love to pick up a few pieces in Custard, Glacier Grey, Classic Blue, and Strawberry Ice. What are you favorites of this year's Spring color spectrum? What do you find the most difficult or daring to wear? Let me know in the comments below. Regardless, here too is a season of warm weather and fun colors. 

Designs Incorporating This Year's Spring Color Trends