Converse, A Work of Art?

Living in Los Angeles, everyday was the perfect weather for Chucks. Living in the Midwest means my pairs of converse spend 4-6 months packed away waiting for a sunny day. April marks when I pack away all of my boots (all but wellingtons, of course) and simultaneously when I get to break out my favorite shoe staple, my Chucks. I wear them with dresses, jeans, skirts, shorts. They are comfy, stylish, and versatile.  

I personally stick with my Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty Oxfords (lighter and narrower than regular oxfords) in black, or my Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Sneaker in grey (my husband rocks The 10th Doctor's maroon ones in case you were wondering).

On occasion, however a special print or style catches my eye and I have to have them or will at least swoon over them from afar until I can justify owning them. Sometimes it's a custom design, a new bright color, or a fun pattern. At times it can be an entire collection, which brings us to today's topic: Converse's Andy Warhol Collection.

As an art nerd, I instantly adored this line. Pop Art holds a special place in my heart, because it is an extension of my favorite period, Dada (which reminds me, where are my Dadaist Converse? Absurd Idea, Emily. Why, of course it is!). Plus, knowing the man who mastered the art of shoes in his work, now the subject of a shoe is one of those full-circle aspects that makes me smile. I know these shoes have their critics, but as someone who expresses my "geek" through clothing, I appreciate that Converse is exploring collaborations within Art and Comics (previously they have teamed up with DC Comics and Marvel to produce some fun kicks). 

The line has a limited color pattern: red, white, black, and blue. It also mostly focuses on the iconic soup can, but there are a few examples of Andy's other art. The line at present (thanks to the patterns and color scheme) does allow for each shoe to hold a versatile spot in your collection. They could even work well for all seasons (as long as you do not live in the Midwest or another cold climate). They might do a second line, in which I might score a Warhol/Velvet Underground Banana pair or, maybe even, Gun or Cows all-over print. How about a plastic pair with a repeating pattern of the artist himself? Eh? EH?  

As part of the launch, Converse and The Andy Warhol Foundation teamed up to release a limited edition of 200 pairs of facsimile Andy Warhol All Star Chucks '70—a near facsimile to Andy's original work Converse All Star piece during 1984-1986 (which is on view at the Andy Warhol Museum). Basically he altered his own pair of Chuck Taylors back in the day and now you can own a replica. They were originally available in January, which means if you are unable to track down a pair at Converse or another store, then ebay is your friend for this run on Andy Warhol shoes (as seen on the left below).

Andy Warhol's Converse All Star, 1984-1986 featured in a recent Converse "Made For You" campaign. 

Of course, if you are looking for a classic pair of Converse for your Spring wardrobe I do have one important suggestion. I never believe in paying full price. With stores like 6pmDSWAmazon, and even ebay (new with boxes or tags) you can find the styles and sizes you want in most cases for half the original cost. You can also find styles that were limited (like the Warhol replicas) or discontinued. What it comes down to, is finding what style, designs, and colors work for you.