May I Have This Dance, '90s Movie Edition: #1, Reality Bites

As a teen in the 90s, random movie dance scene were part of growing up. I am not talking about dance movies or musical, where you expect there to be dancing, but a movie where they are completely unexpected. In May we will look at five of such scenes, starting with one of my all time favorites: Reality Bites (1994).

The scene lasts just a little over one minute. Four best friends who happen to be at the Food Mart picking up well, food, if you remember Lelania (Winona Ryder) only has a gas card to support her post-grad lifestyle. Troy (Ethan Hawke) is trying to get information on Lelania's new interest, Michael (Ben Stiller).

Then The Knack's My Sharona comes on the radio and Vickie (Janeane Garofalo starts a mini dance party. Lelania and Sammy (Steve Zahn) join in. No embarrassment, no reserve, but instead pure joy. You want to join them. You want to let your inhibitions fly and rock out to "Ooh, my little pretty one, my pretty one." You wish Troy could lose his "cool mystique" and enjoy this moment with his friends. His attitude, nor the cashier's, can dampen their spirits.

It is a simple, wonderful cinematic moment. One that feels real, because it is a scene we can connect with (as hopefully we all have had a moment or two like this with friends). Carpe diem as they say, and why not with an impromptu dance party with your closet friends at a Food Mart? Here is the scene below and I hope you will check back next week for number two. In the meantime, find your moments to dance.