The Art of Road Trips

Over the weekend travel was a big theme of conversations. People discussing their upcoming travel plans their dream travel plans, their local weekend travel plans. I never seem to get to travel as much as I wish, but I hope this summer to explore the Midwest in the age old tradition: with a road trip.

As a child of the 80s, I remember summers being squished in the back of a car with my siblings, without electronic devices or air conditioning, to visit family or a vacation destination spot. All of these thoughts and experiences culminated in today's post: Road Trip inspired art. From the necessary fuel stops and the amount of luggage required, to the many vehicular options to travel in comfort or style.  I love that people still admire this time honored tradition, even if it's through nostalgic art. Hope you enjoy the selections I have curated below and stay tuned in the months to come for more collections inspired by summer and travel.