The Adventurous Girl Spirit

It is no secret, I love to read. Sometimes I get a little caught up in trying to read as many new books as I can get my hands on, whether those are novels, audio books, graphic novels, or non-fiction. The truth is, I just want to curl up with some old friends. The Spring through Summer season is perfect for this, thanks to vacations or a relaxing day by the lake (or beach, or, insert favorite body of water here).

For years now one of my goals has been to re-read some of my favorite, strong female character books, but also the adventurous girl spirit books. A few years ago, I did this via Hope Larson's graphic novel version of A Wrinkle in Time (highly recommend), but it is truly time to dive in and say hello to some old friends. 

Remember it was Alice's sister choosing to read that led to her own adventures down the rabbit hole into a wacky world of interesting characters. Remember how you could feel the weight of the key in Mary's hand in The Secret Garden? How both Anne and Pippi might have long red hair they wear in braids, but very different outlooks on life (both of which we love and admire). Meg also felt out of place, but it did not stop her from voicing her opinion. Matilda might be a genius and possess the powers of telekinesis, but it was meeting Miss Honey that really made our hearts fill with joy. Their lives were not perfect, they were orphans, or had lost a parent. They made mistakes, they could get angry, they could be complete skeptics. Yet we love them. We wanted to know them. We felt like we did. For it is the opening of a book that brings us into their world, by their side, and into their adventures.

Here's to a season of a few relaxing afternoons with some old friends. I hope you will join me or comment below on who you are hoping to catch up with this summer.