How Orphan Black Led to My New Optic Crush

It is that time in life where I am in need of a new pair of glasses. My specs, frames, glasses, whatever your term of preference, are one of the most important accessories and usually I enjoy shopping for a new pair. However, the trend of oversized frames has leant itself to ill-fitting glasses from brands trying to make a one-size-fits-all platform. To be honest, this has left me a bit uninspired and frustrated.  

That is how one (who finds her fashion inspirations from fictional characters, as seen previously on Cardigans and Cravats) inevitably begins a search that contains the following terms: "Cosima Orphan Black Glasses." The internet instantly delivered, thanks to the countless sites to devoted to clothing seen on television. The results, however, led to so much more: a head over heels crush on SALT. Optics

It is not just the glasses Cosmia wears on Orphan Black (which happens to be Sylvie in Black Menagerie Orchid, but the SALT. (which stands for Sea Air Land Timeless) brand. As the name suggestions, the colors and shapes in their lines find their inspiration in nature. 

Why am I attracted to the SALT. brand? I prefer my glasses to be classic, but with a twist. The colors and slight variations of shapes fit that bill. Words that are used to describe the brand are simple, timeless, quality, hand-craftsmanship, and modern. Of course, sometimes when less is more, the price is a little higher, which is the case with SALT. When you factor in the fact these are handmade frames with impeccable design, it makes a lot more sense. 

For those not in the need of optical frames, they also make a beautiful line of sunglasses. You can find more on their site, or one of their  social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram


In addition to all the styles above, here are some of my favorites (one of which I am very much trying to track down). SALT. does provide a retail locator as they do not currently sell them on their site. I was able to find one in my area and I look forward to trying on some of the frames below in person. I imagine when I finally find my right pair, I will have moves like Cosima right? Well.... at least I will have her spec-style.