May I Have This Dance, 90s Edition (Film Series): #3

Welcome back to the third week of May I Have This Dance, 90s Edition (Film Series). To recap, we rocked out to My Sharona in a gas station in Reality Bites. Then we followed that up with a mix of 60s dance moves in Pulp Fiction. Today, we touch on a film that edges into this series with its date: House Party (1990). To be more specific, the scene which is both the quintessential house party dance and dance-off scene to kick off the 90s.

Peter 'Play' Martin (Christopher Martin) is throwing a house party while his parents are out of town. Christopher 'Kid' Harris (Christopher Reid) sneaks out of his house to attend (he was grounded early by his Pops (Robin Harris) for getting in a fight with some bullies at school earlier in the day). Play has all the suave compared to Kid - who really only wants to come to party to rap ("Look, l've been practicing. l got dope lyrics") first and foremost, not to win over a girl, or to get his dance on. 

Then Chill (Daryl Mitchellasks Kid to show him some moves, which prompts the interest of Sharane (A.J. Johnson) and Sidney (Tisha Campbell-Martin). "This ain't aerobics class" becomes the simple form of flirtatious taunting that leads to a battle of the sexes dance-off between Kid 'n' Play and Sharane and Sidney to Full Force's song Ain't My Type Of Hype (side note, three of the members of Full Force play the bullies after Kid). The dance scene includes Kid 'n' Play's trademark moves such as "The Kick Step" and "The Funky Charleston." The dance-off dispersed into a full on "everybody on the floor dancing" moment with the occasional call to switch partners by DJ Bilal (Martin Lawrence). 

When was the last time you were at a house party where men were wearing suits and wanting to dance more than drink? Where everybody was ready to show off their moves? I think it is time to bring this tradition back, including The Kick Step. Here is the full clip below. Remember to check back next week for the fourth, but not final installment.