Mad Max: Fury Road - Dystopian Future Fashion Now

Over the weekend, like many of you, I spent some time with my old friend Max Rockatansky. You see, I grew up watching the Mad Max movies with my mother and both Max and the stories have always had a special place in my heart. In a time where remakes, sequels, and reboots are announced almost everyday, it easy to expect one of these types of films to fail in one's nostalgic perspective. Max Max: Fury Road is not one of those films. The film is visually stunning, Max was perfectly recast (Tom Hardy), it has strong female characters, but at the same it resembles the same world we have seen before - gritty, slightly over the top (for example), and with envious dystopian fashion. 

Costume designer Jenny Beavan is usually known for her historical period piece work such as Gosford ParkSense and SensibilityHoward's EndThe King's Speech to name a few. With Mad Max: Fury Road, Beavan demonstrates she is more than waistcoats and petticoats. She plays up the ridiculousness of the baddies with facemasks and nose plates, while giving the leads both stylish and functional clothing to help them achieve their goal: survival in a the hostile desert wasteland. 

From the gauzy-outfits of the Brides to the strong yet feminine ensemble of Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron), to the classic-yet-updated look of Max, you might have found yourself wanting to incorporate some of these threads into your wardrobe. Which, of course, you can and you do not even have to wait until the world is low on water and supplies (and if you are one of those who likes to stock up for such a time - you might find some of these useful as well). 

There are many elements you could pull from to add a little post-apocalyptic desert chic to your ensemble. My suggestions here are to get you thinking of every day geekery instead of spot-on cosplay. There are already fans making Max's braided Bracelets and one maker who has already given props to the War Boy emblem, but there are still some unexpected places to find your Max Mad-inspired fashion, from distressed moto jackets, to gauzy- white dressed, multi-buckle belts, banded-style jersey tops, dark denim with line designs, to buckle-arm cuffs. I even did a little thinking outside of the box to find a unique and easy way to show your love for a three-prong face mask. Perfect for a night out with friends or you second or third (or more - no judging here) viewing of Fury Road